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Drive Yourself

Self Drive

What is self drive, U-drive a bus yourself.

A Class Bus hire is based in Rockhampton, QLD and only service within Queensland

 Hire a bus and drive yourself.

The bus is supplied full of fuel, and you return it full (or charges apply).

Your security deposit is refunded on return of the bus less any excess kilometres, fuel & fuel surcharge or damages.

Conditions of hire

  1. Drivers Licence:  12 seats - OPEN Car Licence    21-25 seats - LR Licence   
  2. Age of Drivers:    Drivers must be 21 yrs and over.   Drivers 21-24 must be approved by Management
  3. Excess Klms: $0.275c per km.
  4. Security Deposit: A security deposit of $250 on credit card and is refundable on return of the bus.
  5. Accident Damages Excess (ADE):  Accident Damages Excess is $5500 for drivers 25yrs & over or $7920 for drivers 21-24yrs. The vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance for external damage only, internal damage through misuse is not covered.
  6. Accident Excess Reducer (AER): This is an optional extra. For $33 per day you can reduce the Accident Damages Excess to $1210 for drivers 25 yrs & over and $3630 for drivers 21-24yrs. This covers accidents with another vehicle on bitumen roads and tyres & windscreens on bitumen road only. 
  7. Single Vehicle Accident Excess (SVA): Single Vehicle Accident Excess is up to $4840. 
  8. Dirt Road Travel:  Hirer must notify Management of any dirt road travel. Not all dirt roads are approved.
  9. Hirer is responsible for all damage costs incurred: (a) to Tyres & Windscreens on approved dirt road (even if AER is paid); (b) to vehicles driven on UNapproved dirt roads; (c) from Overhead or Undercarriage damage; (d) to Internal or Accessories damage; (e) from partially or totally immersed in water OR exposure to saltwater; (f) from breach of contract.
  10. Fuel Fill Up Surcharge:  If you return your vehicle without refuelling, we will fuel for you and charge a fuel fill up surcharge plus the cost of fuel.

Payment Terms

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express. A Credit Card Surcharge applies.

We offer you: